I’m Associate Professor at University of Leeds’ School of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science. I mainly research philosophy of science, covering various topics in epistemology and metaphysics of science.

Much of my work is on scientific realism and scientific explanations, and their intersection. I often study these topics in relation to history and philosophy of physics. My recent work includes editing a major handbook of scientific realism, and a collection of new essays on non-causal explanation. The next edited volume (soon out) focuses on scientific realism and quantum physics. I was on research leave in 2018, generously funded by British Academy, to write a monograph on scientific realism.

I also work on laws of nature, reduction/emergence, and other topics in metaphysics of science, as well as selected topics in philosophy of physics. Other prominent research interests include philosophical naturalism, and models and representation. I’m keen to work with motivated PhD students in any of these broad areas.

As you might expect, I regularly teach philosophy at all university levels and do all kinds of academic service. (I typically direct one or another area of our School’s large postgraduate provision. ) I also do my best to support the great international community of scholars working in the philosophy of science, for example as a member of the executive committee of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science. If you are interested in philosophy of science, do consider joining the BSPS – it’s fantastic!

Recent and forthcoming research and public talks:

  • January 2020: TBA
    How Quantum Mechanics Changed Philosophy workshop, Wuppertal.
  • December 4-6. 2019: TBA
    2nd Chilean Conference on the Philosophy of Physics, Santiago.
  • October 12. 2019: ‘What do we know about the nature of light?’
    Sidmouth Science Festival.
  • February 5-6. 2019: ‘Explanatory power: Modal vs. pragmatic dimensions’
    Scientific Understanding and Representation (SURe), Bordeaux.
  • January 10-11. 2019: ‘Which explanations in science are metaphysical (and why)’
    Metaphysical Explanation in Science workshop (FraMEPhys), Birmingham.
  • December 11. 2019: ‘Photons: do we know how to make sense of quantum physics?’
    HPS-in-Focus, Leeds.
  • November 27. 2019: ‘Light: does physics tell us what it is?’
    HPS-in-Focus, Leeds.
  • November 20. 2019: ‘Skepticism about scientific knowledge: history and current relevance’
    HPS-in-Focus, Leeds.
  • November 10. 2018: ‘Scientific realism and the “special sciences”: nothing special’
    Japan Association of Philosophy of Science (JAPS), Tokyo.
  • October 15. 2018: ‘Local vs. Global Debates about Scientific Realism’
    Philosophy of Science Society Japan (PSSJ), Kyoto.
  • October 2–5. 2018: ‘Scientific realism about spin’
    International Ontology Congress, San Sebastian.

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