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Edited volumes

Explanation Beyond Causation
A. Reutlinger and J. Saatsi (eds.), Oxford University Press. July 2018.

The Routledge Handbook of Scientific Realism
J. Saatsi (ed.), Routledge. 2018.

The Continuum Companion to the Philosophy of Science
S. French and J. Saatsi (eds.), Continuum Publishing. 2011.

The Bloomsbury Companion to the Philosophy of Science
2nd, expanded edition of the Continuum Companion. Bloomsbury. 2014.

The Structural Foundations of Quantum Gravity
D. Rickles, F. French, and J. Saatsi (eds.), Oxford University Press. 2006

Research articles

‘Taking Reductionism to the Limit: How to Rebut the Anti-Reductionist Argument from Infinite Limits’  download
With A. Reutlinger. Philosophy of Science, forthcoming.

“Explanatory Abstractions” download
With Lina Jansson, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, forthcoming.

“Dynamical Systems Theory and Explanatory Indispensability” download
Philosophy of Science, 84(5), 2017.

“Symmetries and explanatory dependencies in physics” 
(with S. French), Explanation Beyond Causation: Philosophical Perspectives on Non-Causal Explanation, A. Reutlinger and J. Saatsi (eds.), Oxford University Press, 2017.

“Realism and the limits of explanatory reasoning” 
The Routledge Handbook of Scientific Realism, J. Saatsi (ed.), Routledge, forthcoming in 2017.

“Explanation and explanationism in science and metaphysics” download
Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Science: New Essays, M. Slater and Z. Yudell (eds), Oxford University Press, 2017.

“Models, Idealisations, and Realism” download
Models and Inferences in Science, E. Ippoliti, F. Sterpetti, and T. Nickles (eds.), 173-189, Springer, 2016.

“On the ‘Indispensable explanatory role’ of mathematics”  download
Mind, Early Access, 2016.

“What is theoretical progress of science?”  download 
Synthese, First Online, 2016..

“Replacing recipe realism” download 
Synthese, First Online, 2016.

“On explanations from ‘geometry of motion'” download 
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Advance Access, 2016.

“Historical inductions, old and new” download
Synthese, First Online, 2015.

“Structuralism with and without causation” download 
Synthese, First Online, 2014.

“Inconsistency and scientific realism” download 
Synthese, 191, 2941–2955, 2014.

“Reassessing Woodward’s account of explanation: regularities, counterfactuals, and non-causal explanations”  download
With M. Pexton, Philosophy of Science, 80, 613–624, 2012.

“Mathematics and program explanations”  download
Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 90, 579–84, 2012.

“On the Pessimistic induction and two fallacies”  download
Philosophy of Science, 72, 1088–98, 2005
— reprinted in Philosophy of Science: The Central Issues, 2nd ed., Cover, Curd and Pincock (eds), W.W.Norton, 2012.

“Scientific realism and historical evidence: shortcomings of the current state of debate”  download
EPSA Philosophy of Science: Amsterdam 2009, de Regt et al. (eds), 329-304, Springer, 2012.

“The enhanced indispensability argument: representational vs. explanatory role of mathematics in science”  download
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 62, 143–54, 2011

“Miraculous success? Inconsistency and untruth in Kirchhoff’s diffraction theory” download
With P. Vickers, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 62, 29–46, 2011.

“Idealized models as inferentially veridical representations” download
Models, Simulations, and Representations, C. Imbert & P. Humphreys (eds), Routledge, 234–49, 2011.

“Form vs. content driven arguments for realism” download
New Waves in Philosophy of Science, P.D. Magnus & J. Busch (eds.), Palgrave Macmillan, 8–28, 2009.

“Whence ontological structural realism?” download
EPSA Epistemology and Methodology of Science, M. Suarez et al. (eds.), Springer, 255–65, 2009.

“Eclectic realism: the proof of the pudding” download
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 39, 273–6, 2008.

“Living in harmony: Nominalism and the explanationist argument for realism” download
International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 21, 19–33, 2007.

“Realism about structure: the semantic view and non-linguistic representations” download
With S. French, Philosophy of Science, 73, 548–59, 2006.

“Ramseyfication and theoretical content” download
With J. Melia, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 57, 561–85, 2006.

“Reconsidering the Fresnel-Maxwell theory shift: how the realist can have her cake and EAT it too” download
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 36, 509–38, 2005.

Surveys, Introductions, Reviews, etc.

“A Pluralist Account of Non-Causal Explanations in Science and Mathematics” download
Review of Because without Cause: Non-causal Explanation in Science and Mathematics, by  M. Lange. Metascience, forthcoming.

“Introduction: Scientific Realism in the 21st Century” download
The Routledge Handbook of Scientific Realism, J. Saatsi (ed.), Routledge, forthcoming 2017.

“Introduction: Scientific Explanation Beyond Causation” download
With A. Reutlinger. Explanation Beyond Causation: Philosophical Perspectives on Non-Causal Explanation, Oxford University Press, 2017.

“Scientific Realism”
Oxford Bibliographies in Philosophy, Duncan Pritchard. (ed.) Oxford University Press, 2013.

With S. French. The Continuum Companion to the Philosophy of Science, Continuum Publishing, 1–11, 2011.

“Travelling in new directions”
With S. French. The Continuum Companion to the Philosophy of Science, 337–58, 2011.
— Revised for The Bloomsbury Companion to the Philosophy of Science, 357– 377, 2014.

“Recalling a Habermas-inspired experimental realism”
Review of The material realization of science: From Habermas to experimentation and referential realism by Hans Radder, Metascience, 23, 339–341.

Review of Mathematics and Scientific Representation by Chris Pincock
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2012.

Review of Mathematics and Reality by Mary Leng
The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic, 17, 267–8, 2011.

“Grasping at realist straws”
Review of Exceeding Our Grasp by Kyle P. StanfordMetascience, 18, 355–62, 2009.

“Critical Commentaries of Critical Rationalism”
Review of Rationality and Reality: Conversations with Alan Musgrave, eds. C. Cheyne & J. Worrall, Metascience, 16, 271–5, 2007.