Past and current PhD supervision

I’m keen to work with motivated doctoral students on various issues in philosophy of science, and I run different research projects that naturally involve PhD students. If you are interested in coming to Leeds to work with me and my colleagues, do get in touch!

  • Colin McCullough-Benner. Role of Mathematics in Science (50%). 2018–.
  • Paul Hellen. Non-causal Explanation and Spacetime. 2018–.
  • Kohei Morita. Emergence and Ontology. (Visiting student from University of Kyoto), 2017.
  • Douglas Earl. Modelling Interactions in QED (60%), 2015– .
  • Simon Newey. Decohernece Quantum Mechanics (60%), 2015–19.
  • Jordan Bartol. Biological Kinds (50%), 2012–15.
  • David Race. Applicability of Mathematics (50%), 2010–14.
  • Vasiliki Nassipoulou. Supervenience and Ontology of Spacetime (50%) 2010–11 .
  • Mark Pexton, Non-Causal Explanation in Science, 2009–13.
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