21-22. June 2022
University of Leeds

In honour of Prof. Steven French upon his retirement after forty years of philosophy of science.



Steven’s students and protégés from across the world. 

Colin McCullough-Benner (Leeds)
“Exploring the Space Between Semantic and Inferential Accounts of Scientific Representation.”

Otavio Bueno (Miami)
“Structure and Modality: A Modal Way” (Zoom)

James Fraser (Durham)
“On the Epistemology of Infinite Quantum Systems”

James Ladyman (Bristol)
“The Model-Theoretic Approach to Scientific Theories and Ontic Structural Realism”

Peter Vickers (Durham)
“Identifying Future-Proof Science”

Alice Murphy (Munich)
“Agency in an Aesthetics of Science”

Samuel Schindler (Aarhus)
“Predictivism and ad hoc-ness: an empirical study”

Dean Rickles (Sydney)
“On Quantum Existentialism (Zoom)

Kerry McKenzie (San Diego)
“How to do things with structures: on some non-cognitive elements in the work of Steven French”

Anjan Chakravartty (Miami)
“Vikings, Toolboxes, Goldilocks, and Metaphysics: Pragmatist Challenges for Scientific Realism”

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